This is by no means a complete list of options. We welcome any ideas or preferences you may have.

Every Torzal electric bass or guitar is made in the USA by hand, right here in Austin, Texas.

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All orders are securely processed via PayPal. Once your order is complete, a representative of Torzal Guitars will email to confirm the options for your guitar.

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Torzal Basses and Guitars

All bass and guitar prices include free shipping to the US 48 states, plus a complimentary rigid soft case for basses, or a complimentary Ameritage deluxe hardshell case for guitars.

Neck-Through Bass

Torzal Natural Twist Neck

4-string: $4150  5-string: $4350  6-string: $4750

Straight Neck

4-string: $3950  5-string: $4150  6-string: $4550

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Bolt-On Bass

Torzal Natural Twist Neck

4-string: $3550  5-string: $3750

Straight Neck

4-string: $3450  5-string: $3650

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J Bass

Torzal Natural Twist Neck

4-string: $3150  5-string: $3350

Straight Neck

4-string: $2650  5-string: $2850

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Torzal Carved Top


Custom Guitars

Please inquire

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Torzal Natural Twist Replacement Necks

Natural Twist necks can be built for your existing factory-made bolt-on instrument. These are done on a custom basis, please inquire about pricing and logistics.

Custom Options and Upgrades

Design Options

  • Headless  $500

  • Multi-scale (from list of available options)  $450

  • Custom Multi-scale (any combination of scale lengths) $850

  • Custom Scale Length $200

  • Custom Neck Width/String Spacing $250

  • Custom Neck Thickness/Shape $150

  • Custom Twist $1000

  • Left Handed +10%

  • Custom Body Shape or other design elements +15%

  • Sunburst, Top Only $150

  • Sunburst, Full Body $350

  • Full Gloss Lacquer (Satin lacquer standard) $175

Materials and Hardware Options

  • Wood Upgrade or Special Requests $150+

  • Special Request Pickups or Hardware $retail price

  • Zero Fret $50

  • Stainless Steel Frets $100

  • EVO Gold Frets $75

  • Hipshot Solo Individual String Bridges $20/string

  • ETS Individual String Bridges $50/string

  • ABM Individual String Bridges $30/string

  • Strap Locks $25

  • Hipshot Bass Extender $85

  • Gold Hardware $75

  • Custom Wood Pickup Covers $200

  • Custom Wood Ramp $125+

  • Wooden Knobs $125 plain set (up to 5)

  • Wooden Knobs $60/stacked set



  • Nordstrand 2-Band $145

  • Nordstrand 3-Band $155

  • Aguilar OBP-2 $195

  • Aguilar OBP-3 $210

  • Darkglass Tone Capsule $180

  • Audere Pro-Z $245

  • Mike Pope Flexcore $299

Other Electronics

  • Tonestyler Bass-10 passive tone control module $110

  • Coil Switches $50 each

  • Graph-Tech Piezo saddles with Ghost Acousti-Phonic preamp $400

  • Graph-Tech Piezo saddles with Ghost Hexpander MIDI Interface $625


  • SKB Universal Electric Rigid Soft bass case, standard with most instrument orders

  • Pro-Tec Contigo Lightweight hybrid case with custom fitted inserts $140

  • Mono hybrid gig bags $150-$250

  • Ameritage Custom Hardshell Case $400